"A Melody in Glaze"


Dryden Pottery was started by Alan James Dryden in 1946. Actually it was in a little Quonset hut in Ellsworth, Kansas. The family relocated because the Interstate Highway system diverted traffic from the storefront and, in 1956 the business moved to Hot Springs, AR. It has been here ever since. We are a family of artisans. Dryden is known for the high quality of the glazes formulated by our founder. AJ Dryden innovated many secret techniques and formulations of glaze chemistry. The colors of our glazes have been called "vibrant and striking". Come to Hot Springs and see the World's Oldest Art,  "throwing on the wheel" live demonstrations are given randomly throughout the day. Dryden Pottery creates handmade, collectable, personalized, custom cups, kitchenware, artistic pottery, and decorative pottery in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
We have a large parking lot and busses are welcome.

Dryden Pottery
341 Whittington Ave
Hot Springs, AR 71901 

Phone: 501-623-4201

M-F 9:00-3:30
Sat 10:00-3:00